Contactless Check-in with Invaluable Insight


Unlock the potential of your host stand.

Utilize existing check-in processes to build invaluable information about your restaurant(s).


At Check-in

Provide a contactless check-in option or ask your host to collect information on customers' behalf to log visits. Add value by responding with specials, WiFi codes or a link to the menu.


Monitor Visitor Activity

Use in-depth dashboards to monitor check-ins across all locations, days, and times. Keep an eye on peak and slow visit times to make sure your restaurant isnt over or under staffed.


Market To Trends

Follow the trends! Find slow times and offer customers discounts. Reward frequent customers with VIP treatment. Encourage new customers to leave reviews. Or even manage expectations surrounding coronavirus.

Use Autonix

Ways To Implement

  • Pre-empt QR Code menus with the Autonix check-in QR code
  • Empower your host to collect check-in/out information
  • Promote check-in info in exchange for discounts or free items
  • Utilize contactless check-in with a COVID-19 check-in/notification strategy

Autonix At Work

The restaurant business is about building relationships through food and experience. Autonix gives an easy way for owners and operators to provide a contactless conduit to engage with their patrons right from their mobile device. Whether you make participation completely optional, or incentivize through a free dessert or discount, the information of each visitor will prove to be invaluable in building a strong and steady base of business.

Engage Your Best Customers

Once you build a history of visitors over a period of time, utilize the Autonix dashboard to find trends such as: regular customers, first timers as well as your busiest/slowest days and times, and even performance by location compared to average. Export Autonix data to your existing marketing channels to engage with customers in ways they are already familiar with. More advanced Autonix customers utilize our API to enable deep connections to the available data streams.


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Incoporate Autonix to monitor your business and find hidden opportunites at your restaurant.

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