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trackable dynamic QR Codes & URLs

Generate a customizable, trackable, dynamic QR Code or Share a unique URL. Add a tracking stop point to see who is visiting your website before they get there. View visitor impressions/scans, clicks and completions for every one of your desired destinations. It's all possible with Autonix.

Autonix Trackers offer insight into all activity leading to your desired destination. Create a QR Code or share a URL and see just how many people pass through to your desired destination starting with the initial scan. Use our advanced collection features to ask for personal information before sending them on their way to give yourself future tools for contact, marketing, security and more.

Autonix Trackers give you priceless visitor analytics data on any QR Code or link you create and distribute.

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Visitor tracking by QR Code or URL made easy!

Autonix makes it easy to create, configure, share and report on trackers, giving you an easy tool to monitor all activity to a target destination URL.

The platform puts you in control to decide the level of interaction your visitors will have before they get to your desired endpoints.

Create Dynamic QR Code/URL

Trackable Dynamic QR Codes and URLs are the way we collect data and send visitors on their way. Simply create a new Tracker leading to your website URL, and a custom QR Code will be provided for you to share with your visitors. Customize, style and share this QR code or URL anywhere you want to track activity like as a tracking link, on signs, in print ads and more!

Monitor Visitors

As visitors utilize your new QR Codes, they are passed through the Autonix platform. This allows you to track every interaction including impressions, click-throughs, conversions and more. The Tracker can be configured to allow by-pass, forced interaction, or even collect visitor data such as name, email, phone, and more.

Analyze Data

Visit data is instantly compiled into a powerful stats dashboard which is utilized to track effectiveness of your Trackers. This information is used for realtime decisions depending on the nature and configuration. Additionally you now have access to granular data, and depending on what you decided to collect, you can utilize this information in a variety of applications such as notification lists, first party marketing audiences, demographics and more.

QR Code Generator With Tracking

simple QR Code tracking

Trackers are simple but powerful. Create a new Tracker in under a minute to access your tracking QR Code or custom URL. Share with visitors. Watch the data flow.

It wont take long to see the value created by Autonix!

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