Visitor Management Features

A robust offering of
visitor management and tracking features.

Autonix serves its' many customers through its robust offering of visitor tracking features. Created to track both physical Locations and any digital desitation (via Passpoints), Autonix creates a single source of truth for all of your visitor activitiy. Browse our top features and dont hesitate to contact us for a bespoke visitor tracking, mangement or contactless checkin solution.

Autonix features multiple contactless check-in methods that are adaptable to any scenario or circumstance. Our user-friendly platform can be administered seamlessly and implemented at a robust scale, handling huge sudden visitor check-in surges if necessary. You can manage multiple Locations or Passpoints, and instantly view the aggregate stats and data that you want to see – with a dashboard tailored to your unique use-case.

Not only can Autonix help you better manage your visit activity down to the last meticulous detail, but it will also give you instant access to priceless visitor analytics data that will help you see the future of your business more clearly – and all on a platform that integrates into your pre-existing business tools.

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Administor your visitor management and tracking system with ease!

Autonix is incredibly easy to administer. In fact, it integrates seamlessly into your current business management software so you can better understand your visitors without changing how your organization operates.

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Create multiple locations to manage in the same dashboard (up to two with a Free plan). Compare visitor stats at different sites or events, or view all locations together. Get instant access to the information that matters most in the moment.

You can also archive old locations so they don't count against your quota while preserving your data. This feature is particularly great if you are using Autonix for events.

Utilize Visit Data

Filter your data custom to your preferences. View aggregate stats for every location, or examine separate data from each location. Either way, it's broken down into fields that give you insights into visitor behavior that can inform organizational decisions and foster long-term success.

Narrow a location's visit log by date, time, method, and more with ease, so you can understand the metadata behind your raw numbers. You can also view and edit individual visitors to develop more detailed individual profiles of your visitors and how they interact with your organization.

Visit Data Exports & APIs

Better managing your location's day-to-day operations and visitor flow is only the start when it comes to the benefits Autonix can provide. Autonix also makes your valuable visitor data easily exportable to a .csv file, so you can save your visitor information where you want it.

You can also upgrade Autonix to a Core API, either directly or via RapidAPI, or add Zapier Integration to automate processes. With Autonix, you can build out your own personalized, consolidated market research machine.

Technology & Support

Autonix offers robust scalable architecture with the ability to handle huge check-in surges, such as for concerts, conferences, or other large events, but we also have a dedicated support team available to assist you with any questions or concerns via chat or email (or over the phone for upgraded plans).

Our team also offers various feature customizations for multi-location (> 10) and enterprise clients. We are here to support you and to make your dream visitor management system a reality.

Everything You Could Need

We're coming up with more uses for Autonix every day, With unmatched versatility and seamless integration, there's no reason not to give it a try or contact us to discuss a tailored solution. See what powerful, adaptable visitor management solutions can do for you today!