Powerful visitor tracking and management with trackable QR Codes and Dynamic Links.

From signup to setup we made adding a robust visitor tracking and management solution simple for you to implement.

Add a Tracker

Provide Autonix with basic information about a Location or destination URL, it's the fundamental way we track visits.


Share QR Codes and Links

Autonix will provide you with a custom QR Code, a tracking URL, and/or unique SMS number. Present these to Visitors on signage, replace links, in print advertisements, in menus, event ticketing, etc.


Welcome Visitors

Visitors scan your QR Code or click your link and the tracking begins. Check-in to locations or provide requested data before visiting a URL. Autonix gives you an invaluable snapshot of who visited when, as well as providing a method to contact them in the future for safety, security, and marketing. View example use cases

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Real-time visitor stats at your fingertips.

Autonix digests the activity for a given location or URL destination and makes it easy to see how visitors are using the platform.

Real-time data

Visit KPIs and Demographics

Returning Visitors

All Time Usage


Filter it down to the minute.

Autonix gives you a detailed visit log for every tracking endpoint. Use this information to find specific visitors, customers during a specific time-frame, or for future re-marketing.

How it Works: What is visitor tracking and management?

A visitor tracking and management system is an important organizational resource for collecting visitor information, including check-in and check-out times, contact information, and other visitor data gathered for security or marketing purposes.

Visitor management systems can increase organizational security and efficiency, as well as offer a wide range of other benefits for any organization that receives visitors at a physical location.

Visitor management system features range from updating a front desk sign-in experience or check-in process to enhancing workplace security and compliance through safe collection and storage of visitor data, or establishing and managing various levels of access for building visitors. This can be done through a comprehensive application with its own interface and data collection tools, or through an API (Application Programming Interface) that integrates with your current suite of business tools.

Perhaps your organization needs a detailed visitor log, or you want to verify the identity of your building’s entrants. Maybe you need to confirm that your visitors consent to data collection in order to comply with legal regulations. Or maybe you just want to create a more professional organizational image, or maximize administrative efficiency. A visitor management system provides an easy solution to all of these issues and more.

What is Autonix visitor management software?

Because visitor management systems can serve such a wide range of industries, the best visitor management systems are versatile. That’s why we designed Autonix with the ability to integrate into your current platform, with dashboards customized to your specific needs.

Autonix makes implementing visitor management simple, since you don’t have to migrate any of your current business software. Autonix doesn’t replace the systems you already have in place – instead, it works within them to optimize organizational efficiency. We put the visitor data you need in the place you need it, so you can save time and increase productivity.

Autonix is both a standalone system that employees or customers will easily adjust to, as well as an API designed to work with your pre-existing suite of business tools. Autonix seamlessly integrates check-in options with other visitor management functions.

Our software has all the advantages of a comprehensive visitor management system without any of the growing pains. From signup to setup, we’ve made adding a robust visitor management solution simple for you to implement.

How do visitor management systems work?

Visitor management systems help decision-makers better understand the needs of their building or organization. With a more descriptive, data-driven picture of the daily functions at a given location, organizations can be better informed on things like security issues, staffing needs at specific times and places, location volume, visitor trends, and even customer loyalty.

Visitor management systems can provide a means to cater to first-time visitors with wifi codes or single-use discounts, provide building evacuation plans, or even give directions to the bathroom. They can also help your organization present a polished and professional image – creating a good first impression on new visitors and a familiar connection with returning ones.

Here's one example:

Olivia curates a museum and she’s introducing a new exhibit in the main gallery. She employs visitor management system analytics to understand whether her new content – in this case the exhibition – was successful, by examining the traffic patterns of patrons through the building.

How many came in and out? How long did they stay? How many are repeat visitors? Are there any congested points of entry that need to be addressed? Is the location properly staffed at peak times? Do visitors need a more detailed guide through the exhibit?

Visitor management systems can put all the answers to these questions and more right at Olivia’s fingertips.

How Autonix visitor management systems work?

Autonix is a relatively simple tool with a wide-variety of use-cases. Restaurants can use Autonix to track regulars and market specials with a more targeted, focused approach. Merchants of other goods and services can use it to retain customer loyalty and identify opportunities for growth.

No matter what type of business you’re in, Autonix’s visitor data profiles can provide a clearer picture of your business needs and help you reach your building's visitors easily and effectively. Specific visitor insights and highlighted trends give you an invaluable resource for making confident, data-driven decisions.

Setting it up can be as easy as following three simple steps:

  1. Step 1: Add a tracking point of interest such as a location or web destination– Just give us the basic info about your location or URL and customize what you want the visitor to provide.
  2. Step 2: Share check-in methods– We’ll provide a trackable QR code, custom URL, or unique SMS that you can present to visitors, either at a check-in point, on menus or paper tickets, or even electronically – whatever works best for you!
  3. Step 3: Visitors check-in– Your visitor data will give you an invaluable snapshot of who visited, when, for how long, and more!

With Autonix, you’ll have a detailed visitor log for every interaction that you can use to identify actionable business patterns. And remember – it works with your current software. Autonix will seamlessly integrate with your platform to put the visitor and customer data you need in the palm of your hand!

Why is visitor management important?

Visitor management systems make key organizational functions more simple. Here are just a few important functions you'll be able to perform:

  • Track who is on your premises with ease and increase your visitor throughput.
  • Track who is interested in your content.
  • Disseminate information before users visit a certain URL such as legal terms or insert data collection
  • Process guests expediently while maximizing your location’s security.
  • Manage multiple locations comprehensively and effortlessly.
  • Identify content opportunities through visitor analytics – like at Olivia’s museum!
  • Develop new methods of contacting visitors about security and safety concerns, contact tracing, marketing, or other notifications.
  • Gain a better understanding of your building, staffing, and organizational needs.

Your visitor management system will give everyone in your building a greater sense of safety and comfort, leading to greater productivity and overall success. Employees and guests will know that all entrants have been screened and processed – and that your organization values their security.

How can a visitor management system help me?

Autonix visitor management systems provide easy access to all the actionable, real-time visitor data you want. You can view multiple locations, track daily check-ins or returning visitors, and view all-time usage stats.

Visitor management gives building managers and business owners a better understanding of a site’s needs and helps to develop a stronger relationship with building visitors. You can eliminate useless administrative tasks, and save your organization time, money, and resources. What’s more, you'll have a new avenue for customer outreach and marketing opportunities – and a more complete and descriptive profile of your visitors.

Put Autonix visitor management solutions to work for you. Every Autonix plan includes email support, a customized URL for each location, and all management/visitor analytics features. Start using Autonix for free today!

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