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Autonix Keeps
Your Organization Safe.

An intuitive visitor management system can have a number of practical applications and benefits for any organization (increasing visitor flow, workflow, organizational efficiency, etc.), but one of the best features of Autonix is that it can keep your people as safe as your data.

With Autonix, you get all the surface-level benefits of a top-notch visitor management solution with the added sense of security of knowing all your data is accurate and protected — and you can also apply it toward making sure your employees and visitors are secure.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use Autonix to improve organizational security:


Contact Tracing Made Easy

The pandemic has made contact tracing an essential function of visitor management. Autonix has several easy-to-implement contact tracing solutions and covid safety protocols.


First, you implement Autonix visitor management software as a check-in system in your location.


Visitors will check in to your building or event as they enter, and you will receive a detailed log of guest activity with dashboards tailored to your unique goals and preferences.


In the event that a visitor or employee is exposed to COVID or any infectious disease, you can instantly view the visitor log for the location of interest, adjust filters to the exact date and time frame you would like to isolate. You may also consider a hybrid work model.


Utilize our API, Zapier Integration or export a contact list of everyone who may have been exposed during that time frame. You can count on complete, accurate data without having to check paper logs or security camera footage.

With Autonix, comprehensive contact tracing is at your fingertips, all from the same dashboard as your uniquely implemented visitor management solutions. Be prepared with an answer for anything life throws at you — and the data to back it up!

Digital Contact Tracing

Autonix can serve as a digital paper trail, recording every movement with time-stamped history — aggregate location data can show you where close encounters have occurred, so you can follow each visitor's flow through your location with various predetermined checkpoints, helping to spot and eliminate high traffic bottlenecks.

If you only allow users to check in at a shared kiosk, you will have a digital log of who walked by that check-in point and exactly what time they interacted with it. Once you're using Autonix to implement full-scale visitor management solutions, all the benefits of digital contact tracing are at your fingertips.

Your company might also use Autonix as a simple punch clock that employees can use to clock in and out of work — they will only be able to clock in after entering the premises, but they could do so as simply as scanning a QR code at a checkpoint, or sending a text message while out on location.

This would also give you a virtual record of all the comings and goings into and out of each of your locations in real-time, so you can effectively perform on-the-spot contact tracing on your employees should you ever need to.

Vaccine Attestation

Use Autonix to automatically administer a vaccine attestation form for everyone on your staff or for every visitor to your premises. Forms can be customized to include the fields you prefer, like whether your employee, contractor or visitor has ever been exposed to COVID-19 or any other infectious disease in the past, or has recently been in a high-risk location or environment.

Transparency about matters of public health is of vital importance during a pandemic, and Autonix makes implementing ultra-safe contact tracing and vaccine attestation procedures a mere formality.

Once logged, visitors will glide through the check-in process with the greatest of ease, and employees and visitors whose records aren't yet on file will be flagged and prompted for attestation as soon as they enter your building.

Autonix ensures the safety of everyone in your building automatically and remembers the status of returning visitors and staff members, maximizing both security and efficiency in the process.

Pre/Post Screening

Screening visitors for through supplied QR codes is a snap with Autonix. Seamlessly integrate a pre-screening function into your check-in process for visitors, and ensure their status is safely recorded and stored for future access and maximum privacy.

With Autonix, visitor and employee data is at your fingertips when you need it, but your people can rest assured knowing their sensitive, personal information is secure.

You can pre-screen guests, employees and contractors before they even arrive and maintain social distancing through various contactless sign-in features fit to your preferences.


Administor visitor compliance with ease!

Automated Compliance Management

With Autonix, you can also ensure organizational safety through remote employee tracking. Check that everyone on your payroll is compliant with organizational procedures at all times, by implementing security controls and documentation processes that promote transparency.

  • Example 1: Say you have multiple locations where you need to monitor employees coming and going, or you need a log of when your employees reach certain locations for service calls and how long they stay there. Autonix puts moment-to-moment data in the palm of your hand, so you'll know how long every employee is at each location, and who else is there at the same time.
  • Example 2: If your employees are contracted out to jobs at remote locations, or if you're contracting in-house work at your own location, you can effectively track how long the people you hire for a job spend doing the job — and check-in and check-out prompts and follow-up questions provide maximum visibility in the process, so you're never left in the dark about a work order.

Compliance management also includes following regulations laid down by state, local and federal governments and regulatory bodies, as well as workers' groups and employee unions. An adaptable visitor management system like Autonix can help you stay on top of and compliant with all sorts of regulatory requirements.

It's not easy to keep up-to-date with constantly shifting state, local and federal business legislation, not to mention adapt and comply with newly enacted laws and regulations. In many cases, failure to comply with regulations can result in fines and jail time for those in violation — compliance management is essential, and with Autonix, it's also automatic.

Everything from making sure independent contractors and full-time employees are correctly classified to safeguarding contracted workers from unhealthy environments or excessively long shifts can be easily handled by Autonix.

You can also ensure that your employee timecards and work logs are accurate and complete, since you'll know how long they spent at each job.

Keep Your Employees and Visitors Safe with Autonix Visitor Management

Autonix can be applied to a wide variety of unique use-cases, but you'll always know that no matter how you choose to implement it (as a punch clock for employees, a visitor tracker for guests, a pass for entry into restricted areas, etc.), everything will be accurately logged and safely stored to your individual preferences.

Now, you'll also know that you have a useful tool in your quiver when it comes to keeping your people safe as well. Autonix can be a safeguard to anyone who interacts with your location.

Start using your visitor management system to supply the safety solutions your organization needs, and lay a secure foundation to grow a thriving organizational culture. See how visitor management solutions from Autonix can step up the safety at all of your locations.

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