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Social media engagement measurement and data collection


Create Powerful Links

Create a new Autonix Passpoint for any URL to measure its effectiveness. Create an Autonix Passpoint to extract first party data (like email, phone, etc) before your followers access any premium content.


Share with Visitors

Update your shared links on all of your social media. You can even create a unique link per platform, ensuring detailed tracking of the success of any content or promotion you are sharing.


Monitor Visitor Activity

Take full ownership of the userbase that your unique content built no matter what the platform. Track the success of any profile URL. Extract the data to utlize in 3rd party platforms.


What is the value
of owning your followers?

Expand your social media prowess with Autonix by measuring and collecting data from your followers in real-time.

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Add Contactless QR Code Tracking Solutions to your business to gain invaluable insight into your visitors.

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