Contactless, Real-Time Event Monitoring


Decentralize event registration to handle the crowd.

Faciliate high-volume events with an easy contactless solution.


Contactless Options

Event specific QR or SMS check-in allows anyone with a digital device to check-in/out in their own space and time without lines or crowds. Provide vital information post check-in such as a visitor pass, the Wifi, or link to a map.


Monitor Visitor Activity

Use in-depth dashboards to monitor real-time check-ins. Look back to determine if your event was a success, if it was properly staffed/attended, and where it could use improvement.


Remarket To Attendees

Utilize event information in future 1st party lists to capture interest and drive attendance to future events. The visitor information is yours to use!


How will I know
if my event was a success?

Implement a contactless registration system with Autonix.

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Contactless Visitor Management & Tracking Solutions

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