Visitor Management Features

A robust offering of
visitor management features.

Autonix serves many customers through its robust offering of features. Browse our top features and dont hesitate to contact us for a bespoke visitor mangement or contactless checkin solution.

Autonix features multiple contactless check-in methods that are adaptable to any scenario or circumstance. Our user-friendly platform can be administered seamlessly and implemented at a robust scale, handling huge sudden check-in surges if necessary. You can manage multiple locations and instantly view the aggregate stats and data that you want to see – with a dashboard tailored to your unique use-case.

Not only can Autonix help you better manage your locations down to the last meticulous detail, but it will also give you instant access to priceless visitor analytics data that will help you see the future of your business more clearly – and all on a platform that integrates into your pre-existing suite of business tools.

Read more about the details of Autonix's diverse features offering below.


A variety of checkin options for visitors, employees, vendors and more!

Autonix puts every possible contactless check-in option at your disposal. You can pick which contactless check-in methods are best for your location, or try them all to give your visitors the option to decide what works best for them.

Our platform puts you in control to decide the ideal contactless check-in method for your location.

Check-in: QR Code/URL

Visitors can check in by scanning a QR Code or visiting a website at a provided URL or link. This code can be downloaded off an email or text, presented to visitors at the entrance on signs or placards – featuring specialized, pre-designed printable PDFs – or scanned from an interactive tablet screen your visitors pass by when they enter.

Check-in: SMS

Autonix can also allow visitors to check in by sending an SMS text message to a number we provide. A generous amount of SMS credits are included with all paid plans. If you think this will be the primary method by which your visitors typically check in, or if you expect a high volume of SMS users, bulk purchase of SMS credits is available.

Visitor Check-out.

For the complete visit profile, easily capture check-out information from visitors. Visitors can use either method to check out, regardless of how they checked in. Subsequent check-ins and check-outs automatically recognize the repeat visitor to make the process 1-click.

Administrator Check-in and Check-out

Administrators such as receptionists can fully administer the check-in and check-out process so there is no interference with visitor flow. Receptionists or hosts will still be able to manage queues uninterrupted. And after checking in via the dashboard, administrators can immediately monitor real-time visitor stats and analytics right at their fingertips.

Sharing Check-in Methods With Visitors

Autonix not only puts you in control of how you want your visitors to check in, it also allows you to decide how you share your check-in methods with visitors.

Make use of pre-designed, printable PDFs that you can post at a check-in point or share with your visitors electronically, via email, text message, or through a URL. Or you can display the same PDF on a tablet screen presented by a host or placed on an interactive check-in station.

Want to keep things even simpler? Swap out the PDF for a downloadable QR Code that visitors can access organically as they interact with your organization online. Or put the same QR Code on a tablet or sign at an entrance or check-in station. Looking for more precision? Send the code to everyone on your visitor list and monitor digital check-ins in real-time.

You can also upgrade your Autonix platform to send SMS messages to visitors via a location-specific phone number, so your visitors don't feel like they're getting spammed. A number they recognize will provide visitors with a more organic connection to your organization and allow for a more personal touch in communicating and interacting with them.

With your upgrade, Autonix also customizes all check-in language to your specific preferences, so your visitors can hear your organization's unique tone and call to action when you greet them.

Pre/Post Screening

Customers are able to implement location-specific pre and post check-in screens, depending on your specific needs, such as COVID-19 waivers, important disclosures, or other necessary disseminated information.

For instance, visitors could be required to confirm reading and consenting to rules, guidelines, or terms and conditions. If needed, the platform could also require visitors to submit a digital signature which is timestamped for future record keeping and compliance. Or, you might simply want to provide visitors with additional information or useful links – maybe a map or a digital guide? With Autonix, it's completely up to you.

Added Flexibility

Other contactless check-in features from Autonix include "Show," "Hide," and "Require," fields that let you easily manipulate and repurpose your visitor data to find visitor trends and acquire more detailed visitor insights. Immediately access the next level of your visitor data!

You can also give some visitors the option to skip check-in altogether, or redirect their URL to another page, like your business's homepage or a site with valuable or useful information that you want them to see. The applications are endless.