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Trackable Custom QR Codes & URLs.

Find out visitor purpose by employing Autonix Locations and Passpoints to track, collect, and optimize traffic flow in physical locations or any web destination.


Physical and virtual visitor tracking


Implement a visitor check-in solution with the click of a button. Monitor the coming/going of visitors to an address or event.

Location based check points

Implement health, safety, and accountability protocols

Elegant, low-cost and easy to use visitor management


Track the performance and collect data before heading to any web destination. Monitor key performance metrics like impressions, conversions and form completions.

Custom QR Codes or Sharable URLs

Collect info on traffic flow with many configurations

Detailed analytics and data export


Visitor Tracking & Management

Implementing a robust visitor management system gives you unparalleled insight into everything from marketing performance KPIs to the health, safety, and security of your visitors.

Visitor Analytics

Make qualitative business decisions with a powerful visitor analytics dashboard. Monitor each tracking endpoint and visualize actionable visitor trends such as peaks hours, conversion rates, time on-site and more.

Contactless Tracking & Check-in

Eliminate pen & paper, long lines, redundant data entry, and crowds by offering a simple to implement contactless visitor check-in option with QR Codes, Kiosk check-ins, and custom URLs.

Visitor Management Solution
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Autonix is a robust visitor management and tracking solution making things like contact tracing, QR codes, contactless check-ins, or simple security easy to implement. Whatever your need, it is easy to dive right in!

Organized by Location or Passpoint

Visitor Check-in using QR Codes, URLs or SMS

Visit Stats + KPI Dashboard

Filter and Export Visitors

Autonix Visitor Management Testimonial
"We added a Autonix QR Code to our menus and customers loved it. We've been trying hard to show them we are taking COVID seriously and this was an easy way to get information in front of them before they see the menu."
- Heather Thomas, Far Bar Gastropub

We have what customers
have been asking for.

After countless conversations with customers, they want...

"We want more visitor insight into our business."

Autonix turns visitor check-in processes into valuable business insights.

"We want to build a strong business."

Autonix helps create a safer visitor environment and exposes novel marketing opportunities.

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Focus on your business.
Autonix makes visitor tracking and management easy for you.

Autonix is an easy to implement visitor tracking and management solution. Simply implement Locations or Passpoints for a contactless check-ins solution using custom QR Codes or URLs. Autonix is there for you if you need it, otherwise there is nothing to do once you complete the quick setup and share the tracking methods!

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The Importance of Visitor Management

As you well know, traditional guest check-in protocols have more than their fair share of drawbacks. For starters, keeping manual records can be challenging and time consuming.

In addition, traditional check-ins place a strain on your resources, as you may have to dedicate multiple employees to oversee this process. Due to recent events, manual check-ins have also brought concerns for employee and guest safety to light.

When you partner with Autonix, these problems will become a thing of the past. Our technology digitizes the way that your team interacts with guests. It also allows for a Hybrid Work model for more accountable flexibility among employees and visitors alike.

By incorporating our visitor management system on site, your visitors will experience an efficient and safe self check-in process, with the added benefit of building a powerful analytical view of your business.

Why Visitor Management Is Important?

Autonix provides its customers with an innovative, easy-to-use visitor management system. Our visitor management technology includes two parts: a robust dashboard to view and export site activity data, and a beautifully simple check-in interface for visitors, vendors and employees. A Visitor Management System (VMS) is used to track visitors giving you a digital guest log of who is on site, when and for how long.

As soon as visitors enter your site, they are greeted with signage or signage that instructs them to check in on their own device (either by QR Code or text message). This technology serves to highlight your brand, but more importantly show visitors you take site access seriously, and builds a database of people activity wherever implemented.

With our help, you can seamlessly integrate a visitor management system into your existing procedures. Our VMS creates easy to use check-in and guest tracking solutions. It will help optimize security, offer remote accessibility, and find hidden opportunities you may have not known about using the Autonix dashboard.

Our Visitor Management System Features

Efficient Check-ins

Ditch the outdated approach of using manual check-ins. With our solution, you curate the customer experience from the moment they walk in the door. Visitors have the ability to complete a self-check-in using QR Code, SMS Text, or by interacting with a tablet.

Secure and Compliant

Keep your facility safe and secure while also providing a streamlined check-in experience. Keep recordings on who is coming or going. Our software is a vital resource to any business that needs to maintain detailed records for compliance purposes.


Autonix is a powerful visitor analytics dashboard to track visitors, monitor one or multiple sites, and export data for use in other applications. Utilize multiple views to expose opportunities. With integrations into Zapier or our raw API, pipe real-time visitor with their check-in data directly into other applications.

Versatile Check-in Options

Autonix is a highly configurable check-in solution with options to customize branding, check-in messages and pre/post check-in behavior.

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Why Choose Autonix

Build a safe, trusting visitor environment with Autonix's easy to use contactless visitor management solution.

Autonix is intuitive software that features easy-to-implement yet highly configurable check-in tools and analytics. Our visitor management system can seamlessly integrate into your existing suite of business tools, which makes for an easy transition.

At Autonix, we know that integrating software that changes people-flow is a big decision. That is why we offer a robust free plan, as well as a free trial on all paid plans that allow you to explore our product for your use case.

Once you have visitors, employees, and vendors checking-in to Autonix, we know that you will never want to do business without it.

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